Our History

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The history of the Village began with Bethel Home for Aged, founded in 1926, the first retirement home in Harvey County. Bethel Home was the result of the vision and dedicated effort of a group of Christian men and women.

In 1991, residents of Bethel Home moved to the new Bethel Health Care Center at Kidron Bethel Village. The Village actually began in 1982 when the Kidron Inc. subsidized rental project was opened. From 1988 to 1996, the Village grew as apartments and townhomes were constructed on the beautifully landscaped 27-acre campus.

Campus Woods Estates, 14 acres adjacent to the main campus, is being developed with additional independent living residences. Site and floor plan choices, along with options to personalize each residence, make Campus Woods Estates an attractive residential option.

Suderman Center for Assisted Living opened in 2003, expanding the continuum of residential, care, and service options. The physical, occupational, and speech therapy department and a beauty shop are located in the Assisted Living area.

Today, the Village Center includes the administrative offices, North Newton Wellness Center, Harvest Table dining room, Menno Hall chapel, and Midland National Bank branch. The Village Center is connected to independent living apartments in Village Heights and the 400 Building, as well as Suderman Center for Assisted Living and skilled care rooms in Bethel Health Care. In addition, some of the 55 Kidron Inc. subsidized rental apartments are connected to the main building.

Approximately 300 residents enjoy life in the Kidron Bethel retirement community in North Newton, Kansas and take advantage of opportunities for social, spiritual, wellness, and educational enrichment.

Kidron Bethel Village - A Bluestem Community